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When the Adblue system is running and working there is no problem, it’s when it fails, and the machine is down that its costing you extra money in downtime. Some customers are miles away from a dealer and it can cost a fortune to get the dealer to come out and fix the Adblue system. This might take a few days or a week for the dealer to come out and there is still no guarantee that it will be fixed. We have the solution for your Adblue problems on your construction machine, we manufacture our own Adblue removal no more limp mode emulator we give you a full 2-year warranty as well.

When the removal device is fitted it will completely disable the Adblue system and Nox sensors, this means you will no longer have any more Adblue problems even if the SCR system is broken. You don’t need to repair any of the faulty SCR system, just fit the waterproof Adblue emulator to your machine and you wont have any more problems. SCR is short for Selective Catalytic Reduction which is on diesel engines to reduce NOx emission